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A Sensational New Bloodline **

Imported from France after winning at the 2014 National Show in Limoges, he has since worked as the principal stock bull in the joint owners herds at Scorboro and Dyfri.  An exceptionally correct and sound bull, with great muscularity and length, he also has impressive power, stature and style.

His French figures place him in the upper echelons of the breed, with indices of 119 for Muscular Development, 110 for Skeletal Development and 115 for growth.  His Overall Index is 120, which places him in the top 1% of the French population.

His UK figures are quickly confirming the French statistics with his Beef Value climbing to LM41 on the strength of his first UK progeny.  Fenomen has a 5* Terminal Index.

Besides being a maternal grandson to Malibu, Fenomen’s pedigree is new to the UK and Ireland, and represents an ideal outcross to almost all the widely used bloodlines in the UK, Ireland and worldwide. 2 copies of the F94L gene. Protoporphyria tested negative and non-carrier. Semen qualified for  Europe, Australasia

Vendor: DG & MJ Edwards & Son

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€60.00 per straw

D.O.B: 18/12/2010

S: 19-32-949-798 DIAMANT

D: 87-28-891-326 BOUCLEDOR

HB No: 87-28-891-777

UK No: FR8728891777

Grade: 100%

Export Eligibility:

Progeny (click to view larger image)

Fenomen Progeny : Dyfri Macsen

€60.00 per straw