Royalty Sires

Many Pedigree Cattle Breed Societies administer a Semen Royalty Scheme whereby all pedigree calves registered with the respective Society in the respective country generate a Semen Royalty fee if the calf is by a Royalty Sire. A fee, which is dependant on the bull, is payable by the person registering the calf and is thereafter credited to the owner of the Semen Royalty; or in some cases a Semen Royalty certificate is purchased from the Semen Royalty owner by the person wishing to register a calf.  Semen Royalties do not apply to commercial/crossbred calves. Where possible we have displayed the appropriate Semen Royalty fee payable in the Republic of Ireland. Purchasers should nevertheless satisfy themselves beforehand as to the Semen Royalty status of a particular bull that they are considering purchasing.